Seafarers Guide to Thunder Bay
Updated:  April 18, 2019

The Centre is open 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily, (except Sundays) when ocean-going ships are in port. The Centre can be opened at other times with a minimum of 1 hour notice by contacting the Centre.

Seafarer's Centre:  (807) 344-8241

When the Centre is not staffed, the phone is forwarded to the chaplain’s mobile, or in his absence a volunteer’s 

Mission to Seafarers Chaplain: Canon Ed Swayze (807) 626-2571

The Centre is beside the guard hut at Keefer Intermodal, 100 Main St.

The Mission to Seafarers is an Anglican mission, whose purpose is to assist seafarers and operated with 
ecumenical partners. The Mission is staffed with a part-time Chaplain and volunteers and funded by donations. 
Services available to seafarers on lakers upon request.

The chaplain is on call if seafarers need assistance. Contact him if you need someone to talk to, or to help you contact family, agencies or clergy of your own faith group, or if you would like to arrange a mass or worship service aboard your ship.

Orthodox Clergy:
Fr. Nikolaos Tambakis (807) 472-1341

Distance to the Seafarers’ Centre

Current River Terminal

10 km

Richardson Main Terminal

  8 km

Canada Malting, Viterra A & B

  2 km

Thunder Bay Terminals

  3 km

Western By-Products

16 km

Superior Elevator, Mission Terminal, Mobile Ex

21 km
Walmart   2 km

Ship Visiting

The chaplain or a volunteer visits ocean-going ships in the afternoon. 


Our van takes up to 10 seafarers. Call the Seafarers’ Centre (807) 344-8241 a minimum of 1 hour before you would like to be picked up.

Seafarers should wait for a pick-up at the gate of the elevator; for Thunder Bay Terminals in the Taxi and Visitor parking lot.

If the ship makes an appointment for a pickup, and seafarers chose instead to take a taxi, the ship is expected to cancel the appointment. Failure to cancel means the Mission is not obliged to provide transportation. 


A child under the age of 8 requires a children’s car seat. When there is a child to transport, advise the chaplain so that the car seat may be put in the van prior to the pick up. The driver may refuse to transport a child without the children’s car seat.

Seafarers' Centre



limited currency exchange 

Internet: computers each with web cam and Skype


satellite TV

warm clothing

Bibles in 28 languages


Tuck shop for sale:

iVittamobile 2.0 SIM Card and Top Up


postage stamps



The wi-fi can be accessed in the Centre or outside of it. The password is posted on Centre’s living room window. 

iVittamobile 2.0SIM Card

$10.00 US for a SIM Card and $10.00 US for a Top Up voucher. Rates at Rates from Canada:

Rate /minute
























SIU - Seafarers' International Union & ITF - International Transport Workers Federation

Montreal                         (514) 931-7859

Thorold (Welland Canal)(905) 227-5212


Diamond Lacey's Taxi     (807) 622-6001

Roach’s Yellow Taxi        (807) 344-8481

Bus Fare $2.75 exact cash.


20 minute walk from Canada Malting, Viterra A & B, and Keefer Intermodal

Intercity Shopping Mall

Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Sunday 11:00 am to 5:00 pm


Monday to Sunday 7:00 am to 11:00 pm

Value Village

(2nd hand store) 915 Memorial Ave

Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Sunday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm


Silver City                 

850 May St.                         (807) 628-8445

Just south of Intercity Shopping Centre 

Bars & Restaurants

Look in phone book Yellow Pages under "Restaurants" and "Taverns". Bars are open until 2:00 am

Worship Services/Contacts


Vedic Cultural Centre

1206 Victoria Ave. E.          (807) 623-3111


Thunder Bay Masjid

591 John St        (807) 766-9644


Greek Orthodox Community Holy Trinity Church

651 Beverly St.                   (807) 344-9522

mobile                                (807) 472-1341

Mass: Sunday 10:30 am

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Volodymr's

1502 Mountdale Ave.         (807) 577-7174

Mass: Sunday 10:00 am

Roman Catholic

Our Lady of Loretto Roman Catholic Church

290 Grenville Ave                 (807) 683-8753

Masses: Saturday 5:00 pm

            Sunday 10:00 am

30 minute walk from Lakehead Marine and Industrial and Current River Terminal

St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church

292 Red River Rd.                 (807) 345-5202

Masses: Saturday 5:00 pm

Sunday 10:00 am

45 minute walk from Richardson Main Terminal, 30 minute walk from Pool 6 Cruise Ship Facility

St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church (Slovak)

615 Connolly St.                     (807) 623-8106

Masses: Sunday 10.00 am 

Monday 7:30 am

Tuesday 7:00 pm

Wednesday to Saturday 9:00 am

Saturday  5:00 pm

45 minute walk from Canada Malting, Viterra A & B, and Keefer Terminal

St. Agnes Roman Catholic Church

1019 Brown St.                         (807) 475-7489

Masses: Sunday 9:00 am 11:00 am & 7:00 pm

Tuesday. 7:00 pm

Wednesday to Friday 12:10 pm

Saturday 5:00 pm

20 minute walk from Western Grain By-Products

Roman Catholic – Croatian

Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Church

479 Oliver Road                         (807) 345-2249

Mass: Sunday 11:00 am

Roman Catholic – Polish

Thunder Bay North

St. Mary's - Our Lady Queen of Poland Roman Catholic Church

85 Algoma St. N                         (807) 344-1066

Masses: Sunday 11:30 am Polish

Saturday 5:00 pm English

Thunder Bay South

St. Casimir's Roman Catholic Church

613 McKenzie St.                         (807) 623-3916

Masses: Sunday 10:00 am Polish

Saturday 5:00 pm English

Ukrainian Catholic

Thunder Bay South

Church of the Transfiguration

629 McIntosh St.                         (807) 623-3793

Mass: Sunday 10:00 am

Church of the Holy Cross

415 Victoria Ave. W.                     (807) 577-7720

Mass: Sunday 10.00 am English & Ukrainian

Saturday 5.00 pm 

During the summer, mass schedules may change as priests may be on vacation.

For other faith groups contact the chaplain for information.

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